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We are strong advocates of green living and strive to enable all people to be environmentally conscious.

We believe that conscious choices and a lifestyle based on downsizing are the key to a better life and environment.

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Take - N

"Live in the tiny house of your dreams."
Discover your freedom in an ecological modular house.

Your chance to go offline and live in harmony with nature.

TAKE Tiny House.
Consistent. Mobile. Flexible. Comfortable.

Tiny living
We've reinvented the home the way you dream of living. In harmony with nature, minimalist. Less is more.

natural materials
The best ecological materials. Handmade with love. No compromise. Big feeling, small footprint.

Take time for the important things in life. Building a house was yesterday. Happy life starts here.


Take - BLU

"SLOW LIVING - find your inner center"
Our dream is to make your dreams come true

Discover your freedom
Fulfill your dream of your own four walls.

Enjoy your life
Take more time for the really important things in life.

Live consciously, be mindful
Back to basics, in harmony with nature.

one life
We have reimagined the home. It offers everything that makes life easier. And more beautiful.

Less is more - for the sake of nature.


Take - IZZI

IZZI Tiny Houses. Big feeling, small footprint - glamping as a lifestyle.

Self-sufficient and CO2-neutral
You are unique. Your new mini house is too. Live ecologically and CO2-neutrally, because IZZI Tiny House is operated with solar power.

Working and relaxing in the tiny house
Your home office tiny house in nature. Work and live relaxed - Every day is a vacation in the glamping house.

Our eco tip
The Green Terrace. Climate-neutral living in a micro house in Vienna or Lower Austria. Less is more - For the sake of nature.


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