Fulfill your dream of a modular house

House planning and construction is easy when you choose a modular house. Enjoy the freedom of self-determined living - make your dream of owning your own home a reality.

The advantages of your modular house

High quality

As the name suggests, a modular house consists of individual modules that can be expanded and rearranged as required. All of our modules meet the highest quality standards.

time saving

In contrast to building a house, a modular house is quickly planned and erected. Stress during construction or unsatisfactory results are therefore excluded - your modular house will meet your needs.


The modules make the modular house flexible - you can add on or remove parts at any time, so that your house easily grows with you and your circumstances. So you always remain flexible.


We work in production with natural and sustainable materials, such as wood, in order to be able to guarantee high quality and a long-lasting result - your well-being and sustainability are our top priorities.

Shape your life independently and freely

Start your new living project in Austria with a house in the country, garden, terrace and above all - less stress. We offer a wide variety of modules with which you can easily put together your dream house yourself - we will help you with the planning and support you on the way to the modular house.

A glimpse into ours unique modular houses for your happiness

When it comes to modular homes, there are no limits.
We offer a wide range of systems to make living easy for you and to adapt them to your personal requirements.


Configure your own modular house

So will ours modular houses produced

Here you get an insight into the stages of the manufacturing process - from natural wood to the modules to your new modular house in Austria.

Together we choose
your favorite model
from our multitude
modular houses

We produce
Your new modular house
from the most sustainable materials

you visit
Your new dream home including delivery and assembly

You can move in and the many Advantages of a modular house discover for yourself


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The selection of modular houses discover yourself

Say hello to relaxation and balance and let yourself be won over by the simplicity of the modular houses. With a modular house you not only save money, but also nerves - simply selected and only a few weeks in production. Our large selection of modular houses has something for every taste.

Ready modular houses our customers,
that will inspire you

We offer you different sizes of modules, so you can freely choose the floor plan and adapt it to your property. Here you can see projects that have already been implemented by previous customers throughout Austria. We support our customers both in the construction of the modular house, as well as in the planning and implementation, for an optimized apartment in your new modular house - just get in touch.

The modular house - innovative living for individual taste

The desire for living in a house to self-determined and independent life being able is more present today than ever. so can Cost, time and effort are saved, and the individual space becomes a home.

As the name suggests, modular houses are houses made of individual parts (modules) be compiled. the Simplicity of the houses makes up the beauty of their construction and production - the parts are prefabricated from wood and can be assembled individually. Modular houses are diverse – Regardless of whether it is a residential building, restaurant or office building, a modular house can be anything. 

The size of a modular house can also vary depending on how much space you need. However, the construction, production and assembly remains, no matter how large the modular house is, easy and uncomplicated. So you can enjoy all the freedom and from the nature and the light in your new wooden modular house. 

A modular home means shifting down a gear, less stressing and life and in the living dreamthat you wish for - with the modular houses from Nimme it's easy, sustainable and carefree. 

Are you also fascinated by the simplicity and aesthetics our modular houses? Do you want to save costs and effort and live more sustainably? Then get in touch – Together we create your ideal modular house!

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