Fulfill your dream of glamping

Experience camping differently. Discover glamping and enjoy nature with great comfort without camping - life and relaxation combined, through the glamping accommodation of your dreams.

The advantages of glamping


Sheltered accommodation, sleeping on beds and plenty of space as well as the ideal connection with nature independent of a campsite - this is glamping in Austria and Germany.


With glamping houses you live in harmony with nature - whether directly on the lake or in the mountains. Climate-neutral living is in the foreground - we use sustainable materials for the sake of you and the environment.


Take time for the important things in life. A happy and fulfilled life starts with our IZZI glamping accommodations, with which you can live the holiday - discover the zero waste lifestyle completely stress-free.


Use the glamping house according to your personal requirements - the accommodation is as flexible as you are. Discover our hybrid glamping houses - a place just for you and your flexible lifestyle.

Big feeling, small footprint - camping in a tiny house

Live the glamping lifestyle with your IZZI accommodation.

Far from city life, camping with added luxury, with lakeside walks. A life in Austria that feels like a vacation every day - you can do that too! Enjoy total relaxation by choosing one of our models. Contact us today - let's start planning and evaluating the costs together.

An insight into our glamping house from IZZI

In our IZZI Tiny House you live the holiday and glamping in Austria - completely self-sufficient and CO2-neutral with solar power.

Combine work and relaxation, for example at a lake in Austria. Design your own personal tiny house from IZZI - planning and building has never been so easy.

IZZI glamping with terrace
IZZI glamping without terrace

Discover the extras of our glamping houses

Your everyday life in your apartment or house is often stressful and you feel overwhelmed by the many different tasks? With a glamping house from IZZI you not only save money, but also time. The small accommodations come in one size - but with the extras they can be optimally adapted to your needs. Glamping instead of camping!

Enjoy underfloor heating, a small terrace or solar panels and make your dream of camping and vacationing a reality in everyday life.

A glamping house with many facets

With the many extras that you can purchase from IZZI in addition to your glamping house, you are well equipped:

  • CHILL OUT package
  • SUN package
  • WINTER package
  • SPA package

Discover the potential of living in a mini house in Austria or Germany. 

We are happy to support you with the planning, construction and implementation of your optimal living dreams in our glamping house without a campsite -
Contact us directly.

Glamping instead of camping - the new way of complete satisfaction

No matter how old you are and whether you live alone or with your family and want to buy and rent the accommodation – The glamping house adapts to your life situation. If you decide to enjoy your life reduced, minimalist and above all relaxed - then an IZZI glamping house is just right for you!

The minimized space means less work around the house and more space and time for the important things in life. In this way, time can be spent with family, friends and hobbies without having to carry additional ballast around with you. 

At the same time, you can also use the glamping house as a tiny home office or garden studio. Meet everyday work with a big pinch of relaxation and enjoy how everything around you slows down.

Do you also want to realize the dream of your own glamping accommodation - camping with that certain extra - in the middle of nature? Do you want to save costs and live sustainably, and that in Austria, possibly right on the lake or in the mountains? 

Then get in touch – Together we will find your ideal glamping accommodation from the IZZI repertoire that adapts to your lifestyle!

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