Make your Tiny House dream come true

Rediscover freedom and live in harmony with nature. Whether it's a tiny house or a modular house - We bring your ideas to life.

The advantages of your tiny house


With our planner you can discover your new tiny house stress-free. Plan according to your requirements - the right room plan can be found for every property - building is made easy.


The Tiny House can be set up according to your personal requirements. You can vary the arrangement of the rooms in your new house and assemble them from modules.


Simple structures, built-in furniture and plenty of space for creativity and relaxation - this is what you will find in your new tiny house. Here's how you can thrive on a minimalist lifestyle.


In the Tiny House you are closely connected to nature - so closely that your new house adapts to it. For the sake of you and the environment, we use sustainable materials - for a better future.

Life is what you make of it.

In harmony with nature, but at the same time full of life - Only our Tiny Houses can give you this feeling. Choose one of our models and get in touch today - let's start planning and evaluating the costs together.

A glimpse into ours unique tiny houses for your happiness

You have the choice!
We offer you a modular mobile system with four sizes of mini houses - N1, N1+, N2 and N3. Modules and floor plan can be designed freely - planning and building has never been so easy.

Tiny house N1
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Tiny House N1+
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Tiny House N2
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Tiny House N3
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Configure her own tiny house

It's that easy to come to
your own tiny house

Here you get an insight into the stages of the purchase process -
From natural wood to your new one
Dream house in Austria and Vienna.

Together we choose
your favorite model
from our multitude
tiny houses off

We produce
Your new tiny house
from the most sustainable materials

you visit
Your new dream home including delivery and assembly

You can move in and the many Advantages of a Tiny House discover for yourself


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One comprehensive selection of tiny houses for every taste

Everyday life in an apartment, or even when building a house, can sometimes be stressful and nerve-wracking. With a Tiny House you not only save money, but also time - With our large selection of mini houses, there is something for every taste.

Finished Tiny Houses our customers,
that will inspire you

We offer you one modular mobile system with 4 sizes. Modules and layout can be chosen freely. Here you can see implemented projects of previous customers throughout Austria. We support you with the planning, the building and the optimized living in our mini houses in Austria and Vienna – Just contact us.

Tiny House - The new kind of complete contentment

Many families or couples are choosing mini houses these days for obvious reasons – It saves time and money, is comfortable and increases the feel good factor when living. 

Life is enjoyed more and more reduced – The fewer things you own, the less baggage you carry with you. This also creates more space for things that are really important to you. The minimized space also means less work around the house, and more quality time
to spend with family, friends and hobbies. 

Even if the tiny house is very small - it offers, thanks optimized use of space, but still enough space to feel good in it and freedom of movement to enjoy. Furniture is built in, lighting is strategically placed, transforming the small space of a tiny house into a veritable paradise. Connect to a garden with the Nimme Tiny Houses made of wood relaxation and well-being first of all. You can also use one Green Roof be worked on to insulate the house as well as to integrate it into nature and the garden. This is how your new tiny house becomes a home.

Do you also want to fulfill your dream of owning your own wooden tiny house and a garden? Do you want to save costs and live sustainably, and that in Austria and Vienna?

Then get in touch - together we will find your ideal mini house with garden!

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